Raising small dogs: special features

Raising small dogs: special features

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Small dogs are becoming increasingly popular - no wonder, because purely in terms of size, they even seem to fit perfectly in city apartments. That their size requires a few special features in dog training should, however, be considered before buying. Raising small dogs: A healthy mediocrity is important - Image: Shutterstock / Javier Brosch

Poorly trained small dogs seem to be much more common than poorly trained large four-legged friends - but where exactly is the difficulty in raising them? We would like to summarize this in the following.

Of trivialization and other common problems

There is no question that little dogs are cute. Especially when it comes to dog training, it is very important not to trivialize them constantly and to treat them like cuddly toys. It is not good for a dog's self-confidence if he is allowed to behave as he likes and if problems arise, his master quickly picks him up. It is even worse to confirm him when he barks or growls at a large dog and to praise him for his courage, because just because a dog is small, he must not act as he likes.

Other dog owners tend to overwhelm their little four-legged friends with excessive severity and reprimand them with every peep. This often happens with lively dog ​​breeds like the Jack Russell Terrier and can lead to behavioral problems. Owners of a small dog should therefore practice finding the mediocrity and neither pampering it too much nor ordering it too much.

Misunderstandings about the keeping of small dogs

Before buying a small dog, it is also important to find out about the breed precisely, because various misunderstandings about the demands of the four-legged friends always lead to behavioral problems and educational problems. One of them is that small dogs need less exercise because of their size. This may be true for some small breeds, but not for others.

Small powerhouse: Jack Russell Terrier in action

It is also a misunderstanding that small dogs are generally not so well trained. Before you buy, keep in mind that small dogs are easier to handle, but should still be well behaved!