Theo the cat saved the life of its owner

Theo the cat saved the life of its owner

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If it weren't for him, the woman would probably already be in that world ...

  • Interesting facts about cats

An inconspicuous black and white purr unexpectedly became a real hero. From time to time we come across information in the media that the cat saved the life of the owner - Theo has just joined this honorable group. What exactly did he do? This is where a lot of surprise comes in.

The cat saved the owner's life because ... it kept her from falling asleep

That's right - you read it right. You probably have heard many times about dogs or cats that were the first to sense a fire in the house and wake up the whole family. However, the case of Theo and his owner is quite different. Frisky did not let the woman squint at night, which is something that is generally not met with human approval. The thing is that the pet was not about playing at all - his behavior was related to a real threat. First things first.

That day, 39-year-old Charlotte felt weak - but put her malaise down to fatigue, she simply decided to go to bed earlier. However, as soon as she was in bed, 8-year-old cat Theo appeared by her side. To the woman's surprise, purr did his best not to let her… fall asleep.

He rubbed against my face and sat on my head and poked me with his paws. When I tried to chase him away, he immediately returned like a boomerang. He was just trying to keep me from falling asleep, says Charlotte.

In the morning, the woman felt so bad that her mother called an ambulance. The paramedic immediately suggested it might be a blood clot, but Charlotte said she was exhausted because she couldn't sleep because of the cat. In the hospital, however, it turned out that the situation was serious - the doctors detected a blood clot in the knee that moved towards the pelvis during the night.

They told me that if I fell asleep that night, I probably wouldn't wake up again, says Charlotte.

Fortunately, everything ended well - the woman underwent surgery to remove the clot and recovered fully. It is not known, however, how this story would have developed without the participation of the heroic Theo. There is no doubt that the cat saved her owner's life.

Cats know more

How did Theo know something was wrong? It is difficult to answer this question with certainty, but it has been known for a long time that cats recognize the malaise of their guardian. They are also able to sense certain diseases and painful areas of the body. Apparently, Charlotte's tom cat realized long before her that something bad was going on in her body. And fortunately - he probably saved her from death.

Theo senses a lot and always knows when my day is bad. That night he noticed something was going on and didn't want to leave me alone, Charlotte says.

The woman claims that the male cat may have wanted to repay her for a similar favor in the past - when he was little, Charlotte saved him from death as a result of a cat's nose and took him in with his sister Luna. Regardless of Theo's real motivation, he deserves admiration and respect - the 8-year-old is a true hero.


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