Street Cats and their main features

Street Cats and their main features

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Stray cats, like dogs, carry the name mongrel, as they do not have a defined breed or roam the streets. Unfortunately, the term carried a connotation of “vagabond”, as if the stray cat was not a suitable animal to have, so it has been used “for the short” when referring to a stray cat.

The popularization of stray cats, in Brazil, it has been so great that the Brazilian Cat Federation has instituted a new breed, called Pelo Curto Brasileiro, which are cats with short coats and eye color usually matching the color of the fur. Most cat lovers, especially those who have more than one cat, have a stray cat at home.

Seven lives of affection and love

It is believed that the Brazilian Shorthair and Vira-Latas in general are more resistant to genetic diseases, although a scientific study is lacking to confirm this theory, the basis of the belief is that like street dogs, street cats are subject to the most diverse situations and environments on the streets and survive, so the short cats are stronger, this is called selective pressure, only the strongest survive.

Another point in favor of stray cats is that such Pelos Curtos are the most sociable cats, they like to play, they are loyal to the owner and not to the house, as some usually think. So much so that when these cats are with an owner who is mean to them, they tend to simply abandon him and go in search of an owner who is better with them.

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A cat raised with love and care, even if it needs its space, because it is not so emotionally dependent on the owner, will return the attention received. Save a life and adopt a stray cat.

About Brazilian Short Hair

  • This breed of cat originates from several breeds that were introduced by Europeans in the time of Colony Brazil;
  • This cat is active and independent not only because it is a “stray cat”, but also because it is a short-haired breed; this feline will generally exhibit the same behavior as cats with this type of coat;
  • They are generally sociable and docile cats with children, other cats and visitors, but remember that each cat has its own personality and may not act that way;
  • It is an agile breed and, as said before, active, enjoying playing in different ways and with a strong hunting instinct;
  • The pedigree for the breed can be required by anyone who has an SRD cat (no defined breed), but only cats that follow the determined pattern and have a record are considered to be the Pelo Curto Brasileiro breed;
  • Stray cats - non pedigree cats in the US - are increasingly accepted abroad. Even Pelo Curto Brasileiro, known as Brazilian Shorthair, received a good international acceptance.

Despite all this belief in greater resistance from street kittens, they are animals like any other and must receive care such as vaccination and visits to the vet. Brushing is not an essential care for this type of cat, but it can serve as a sign of affection for him.

Rescuing a stray kitten

Many are heartbroken to see an animal, be it cat or dog, abandoned on the street and end up rescuing them, counting that they will find an NGO that will be responsible for them. It is important to know that the majority of institutions that rescue dogs and cats live full and hardly have the availability to accommodate another pet.

If you want to save a cat from the street situation, but are unable to adopt it, make yourself available to shelter it until someone adopts it.

Some tips if you want to redeem a street kitten:

  • You don't know the animal's origin, so always take it to the vet first and keep it separate from other animals in the house until you know the pet's health status;
  • If you are unable to afford all the expenses, look for institutions that provide deworming and vaccination free of charge, some NGOs cannot keep the animal with you, but they help the rescuer;
  • Some institutions also help to publicize that the animal is for adoption;
  • Take care of the animal's food, a cat that can already eat solid food should receive feed and preferably from known brands, if the cat is just a puppy and still needs milk never give him solid food or cow's milk;
  • Follow the adoption process, make sure the house is safe for the cat and that these people really want it, if possible donate the neutered cat, as most people end up leaving the process aside. The same is true for dogs.

Care for orphaned puppies

Many orphaned kittens are abandoned because the owners of some cat did not want to neuter her and she ended up generating an unwanted litter, so know that by saving a puppy you are giving it a chance to develop and grow like a healthy feline, however it requires a lot of dedication on the part of those who rescued him:

  • The first measure is to keep the puppy warm with a cover and in an open basket or box until you take it to a veterinarian, a measure that must be adopted on the same day, as puppies can easily die;
  • If you know someone who owns a cat that has had a litter recently and is willing to adopt the puppy this is the best measure, but this is unlikely to happen and you are more likely to become the "mother" for the puppy;
  • Cow's milk causes diarrhea and can lead the puppy to death, so the milk used must be suitable for the consumption of cats and the feline must ingest it every 3 hours according to the veterinarian's indication;
  • Prepare the place to receive the kitten, offer him a comfortable bed, sand so that he needs and avoids changes, as this can further stress the kitten.

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