Bungo stray dogs manga panel

Bungo stray dogs manga panel

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Bungo stray dogs manga panel By: Jose Ebeross

Ai No Kakumei has been around since its first episode in 1997. A manga anthology series about the lives of three young women who make their living as bounty hunters, the title is a literal translation from the Japanese, while ‘stray dogs’ are the pet names of the girls. Nowadays the series is commonly referred to as Bungo Stray Dogs, a phrase that encompasses a lot more than the single volume.

Nanami Yotsuba is a 17-year-old high school girl who is working with her parents as bounty hunters. In this job she goes on missions with her partner ‘Fukuzawa’ (a female pseudonym) to find people who have committed crimes. For some of these people, their bounty has just been raised or even doubled thanks to Nanami.

Koharu Mitsuki is also a high school student and works as a messenger. In her job she travels around with her mobile phone to visit various clients. Sometimes she manages to help them out by finding the location of their suspects. In one case she even manages to get an innocent person off the hook.

The last girl of this trio is Hanae Itsuki. The 17-year-old university student is in possession of a rare book that belongs to Nanami, who is her best friend. It is said that the book is cursed, and that it brings trouble to those who read it. At the moment Hanae is doing her best to avoid its influence, but this job of hers doesn’t make things easier.

When the book falls into the wrong hands it is going to change the lives of all three girls.

What is Bungo Stray Dogs About?

In short, the main characters of Ai no Kakumei are the daughter of a Yakuza clan leader, the daughter of an important government official, and a messenger. They all find themselves in trouble after the cursed book falls into the wrong hands. In the past, they were also friends of each other. Now, with their lives in danger, these three girls are going to face a journey of salvation.

What Should I Expect From Ai no Kakumei ?

Before watching Ai no Kakumei, the viewer should have some familiarity with the work of Gen Urobuchi. The writer is best known for the Puella Magi Madoka Magica series, Psycho-Pass, and of course, Fate/Zero. The latter shows the world of Bungo Stray Dogs with a great deal of passion and a touch of realism.

What is the Relationship Between the Heroines of Ai no Kakumei?

The three main characters, the daughters of Yakuza boss Kogoro Akechi, find themselves in trouble because of a cursed book that is the property of the Akechi family. It causes havoc to those it comes in contact with. This cursed book contains secrets that can bring death to those who read it. There are three of them: "The book of the girl with the red eyes." "The book of the bookman" and "The book of the doll." Each one has the potential to bring destruction to a specific target.

In a way, the three heroines are trapped between the same curse and they know that the only thing that can save them is to read the books in the order mentioned in the description. However, that will be their only option as they have to read the secret of one of the book, they come in contact with, or die. The three girls are not the only ones who are fighting against this curse. A mysterious shadow figure who can take on a human form keeps interfering as well.

Where is Ai no Kakumei Stored?

Ai no Kakumei was released on October 17, 2017.

Ai no Kakumei Stored in the US

Ai no Kakumei Stored in Japan

How Long Will The Japanese Version Last?

The anime of Ai no Kakumei has 12 episodes.

Who Will Voice This Anime?

The voice actors for the anime of Ai no Kakumei are as follows:

Eri Suzuki - Hiroko Takahashi (Chitose)

Airi Kato - Suzuko Mimori (Farewell to Minamo)

Kotona Takizawa - Maaya Uchida (Tae Minami)

Yumikiri Sato - Mami Kawase (Kyōko)

Ukyō - Rie Kugimiya (Mami Akechi)

Gai - Aya Hirano (Natsuki Minami)

Kyōko Nakayama - Hiromi Igarashi (Maki Minami)

Kururi Minami - Miyu Irino (Miyu Minami)

Minamo - Rie Kugimiya (Hikari)

Farewell Minamo - Rie Kugimiya (Kawaki Minamo)

Hikari - Miyu Irino (Miyuki)

Lydia - Mio Shirakawa (Ena)

Ai no Kakumei Stored in Europe

How Was the Drama Version Released?

Ai no Kakumei Drama Version was released on December 3, 2017 in UK.

What Are The Blu-rays, Episodes And Subtitles?

The anime of Ai no Kakumei has been bundled with its Japanese and English versions on 1 Blu-ray Disc and 2 DVDs (the Japanese version has 26 episodes while the drama version has only 10).

Are the Audio, Subtitles And Bonus Materials Included In The Package?

Yes, the package includes the English audio track, the Japanese audio track, the English subtitles and the Japanese subtitles.

Is There Any English Subtitles?

Yes, there are English subtitles for both the Japanese and English versions of the drama and anime.

Does The Anime Come With A Clean Opening/Ending Sequence?

No, neither the opening nor the ending is modified.

What's Special About The Drama Version?

As mentioned in the above section, Ai no Kakumei Drama Version has 10 episodes and was released as a Blu-ray and DVD.

What's Special About The Anime Version?

As mentioned above, Ai no Kakumei Anime Version has 26 episodes and was released in 2010, 2014 and 2017.

Is This OVA Available For Free?

No, this OVA is not available for free.

Is This A Limited Exclusive Re-release?

This is not a limited re-release. However, it might have a special packaging.

Is There Any Information About A Box Set?


Does It Have A Running Time Of

The anime is 26 episodes and it has a runtime of 3 hs 59 min. The drama has 10 episodes and its runtime is 1 h 58 min.

Is There Any Linking/Continuity To The Anime Or Anime Series?


What's The Name Of The Anime TV Series, OVA Or Movie?

The name of the anime TV series is Ai no Kakumei (I

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