Yapper wrapper dog carrier

Yapper wrapper dog carrier

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Yapper wrapper dog carrier, where the dog is able to walk around, but can't sit up, lie down, or stretch. In these carrier, the dog is secured in a cage or other receptacle, and the receptacle is hung from a dog crate's hook or strap. The cage or receptacle is suspended from the hook by a chn or strap that encircles the hook. When lifting the dog carrier with the dog inside, the dog is able to walk around, but the receptacle remns in the same position. For example, if the hook to which the receptacle is attached is attached to a wall, the dog must always walk to a different location when traveling from one room to another. Therefore, when traveling between rooms, the dog in a Yapper® carrier is not able to stretch, lie down, or sit up. Instead, the dog is constantly engaged in walking from one location to the next.

Other types of receptacles and carriers that are similar to a Yapper® dog carrier are known. For example, U.S. Pat. No. 4,038,711 to Fassbender discloses a dog walking carrier which includes a contner into which the dog is placed and a flexible strap that is attached to the contner for securing the contner to a dog crate hook. However, a Yapper® dog carrier does not have a strap that is used for suspending the receptacle from the hook. Moreover, the Yapper® dog carrier is not able to be used when the dog is in the receptacle, and is not an appropriate dog carrier for walking a dog in an enclosure, such as a kennel.

Therefore, what is needed is a dog carrier that is similar to a Yapper® dog carrier, but has fewer moving parts to reduce complexity. What is also needed is a dog carrier that is used when a dog is in the receptacle to allow the dog to walk around the enclosure. What is also needed is a dog carrier that allows for the suspension of the receptacle from a hook on the enclosure. Moreover, a Yapper® dog carrier does not have this ability. The present invention solves these problems in a simple and economical manner.

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